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A solution for disputes is to try mediation :

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Countrywide Mediation Way

Mediation  is now the primary choice for many people when fixing  their  differences and dispute issues. The main advantages of mediation is that its confidential , mediators are impartial , you control the decision making and its voluntary.

It seems that legal disputes are never far from the news.

Whether it is a celebrity couple that is divorcing, an employee who is taking legal action against their employer, or two neighbours in a battle over the ownership of a piece of land, our papers are filled with the latest details of court cases. In many cases, people will turn to a solicitor to solve their problems when all else has failed.

They may even have tried to talk to the other party about the dispute first, only to find that this approach has not succeeded.

Secondly, legal battles can take a long time. This means that a solicitor, if they are doing their job correctly, will examine the whole body of law relating to your case.

This, and the time taken to attend court, can be very stressful and that’s why Countrywide mediation is promoted by the courts and Solicitors as the first choice.

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

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Mediationreally helped us sort out child arrangements

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Saved so much compared ot going to court

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The process was fast and simple

  • Countrywide Family mediation your local solution

    Unfortunately, every family will have its disagreements from time to time.

    Whether this concerns issues related to divorce or separation, care of children or an elderly relative, or problems around the use of land or property, a Countrywide mediator can help you to find the solution that is right for you and your family.

    Our mediators are experienced and accredited in dealing with family members of all ages.

    They can explain the mediation process in simple terms which will help your family to feel comfortable with the meeting.

  • Unlike legal battles, mediation is a conciliatory process designed to help the family resolve issues in a constructive way.
  • Family Mediation is much less costly and time-consuming than taking a case to court.
  • The family moves to a solution they can all agree to.
  • As mediators we try and resolve the issues today and look at avoiding future issues.
  • We mediate over lots of issues like co-parenting children
Family mediation differs from other solutions in that it does not revolve around an attempt to rectify existing marriage problems but rather focuses on resolving conflicts between parents as well as children.


Countrywide Family Mediation work with children and their parents, in the process of resolving such conflicts.

This means that these sessions provide guidance on how best to deal with such conflicts and ensure the proper resolutions. These help you to have a way to manage your finances, even in the case of a divorce or a separation.
Child custody is one of the largest issues that family Solicitors  tackle often of separation and divorce.
Often, this involves very contentious issues on the appropriate parents of a child, as well as the amount of time for which the child should spend with each parent.
For example, if a parent has visitation rights with the child while the other parent has custody, how should it be determined?
These types of arguments can often create too much turmoil within families. If there is a pending divorce, the issue of money can also arise.
These are a few of the issues that can arise, but they can also involve a parent’s wishes, and attitudes, as well as how the child’s needs are being handled by their own parent.
When these issues are handled, the likelihood of a successful outcome increases.

Workplace Mediation Services

Businesses may now decide to employ the services of a workplace mediation service to find out whether or not a dispute that has developed in their business could go into mediation and if the end result is satisfactory.

There are certain problems in the workplace, for example harassment or discrimination, which are so serious that the government advises that they are formally investigated.

For other problems, mediation is an ideal solution.

Disputes can occur between an employer and employee over issues such as working arrangements, relocation and contractual disagreements.

There may also be disputes between employees through ‘personality clashes’, or disagreements over how work should be approached.

Legal battles, involving trade unions and employers associations, can be prolonged and become ugly. However, mediation can help to resolve such problems quickly and effectively.

Workplace Mediation

There are two types of mediation – basic and advanced. Both can be beneficial, especially when used together with a client’s company’s need for faster resolution.

We help with –

  • working relationships
  • senior managers
  • workplace conflict
  • working environment
  • employment mediation services
  • employee relations
  • communication skills

However, each type requires different kinds of training and skills.

Basic mediation is an informal meeting between the parties before conducting the formal business of mediation.

Businesses can use basic mediation to resolve problems which they could not easily resolve themselves. The primary objective of basic mediation is to avoid disagreements on more important matters.

When used with advantage, basic mediation can help companies and other organizations to get things under control while saving their costs. When used with a disadvantage, basic mediation can help businesses and organizations to save time and money but may not solve problems at the root of the issues that may have made them difficult to resolve.

If used with advantage, a business benefit is an agreement that includes a specific provision for a specified amount to be paid to a third party. This type of agreement will often be offered by the mediator at the beginning of the mediation.

Advantage-based agreements are similar to those negotiated by lawyers. They provide an agreement for a specific number of hours per week, per business partner, or per client and usually include benefits like travel and a fee for the mediator, which the client does not pay until the mediation is complete. In addition, an advantage has the ability to be negotiable, allowing for small adjustments in the service offered.

Workplace Mediation Resolves 90% of Disputes Faster

Disadvantage-based agreements have fewer advantages and generally don’t offer as many benefits as disadvantage-based agreements. A disadvantage-based agreement will generally have a broader set of benefits available and require that the parties pay one-time fees, which usually go to the Countrywide mediator.

Both agreements have to be finalized with the help of legal counsel and professional advice. It is vital that both agreements are thoroughly reviewed before the parties sign. Check out our fees, and why we are the first choice.

Once both agreements are signed, the mediator can proceed with the formal business of the mediation process.

Although there are similarities between the two types of agreements, the advantage-based agreements often require the help of a corporate attorney or a firm which specializes in mediation agreements.

A disadvantage-based agreement can be handled by anyone who is experienced in the field of business mediation.

There are also a number of differences between basic and disadvantage-based agreements. The most important one is that they differ in terms of benefits and costs, but both agreements will benefit the parties and the business.

Basic agreements are one-way deals, where the parties only receive what the mediator and the business agree to pay. Although this type of agreement may be a good way to eliminate problems between clients and business partners, it is best to deal with disadvantage-based agreements. An advantage-based agreement will end up providing all of the business partners and clients with a range of benefits, including access to additional time to finish the work required, as well as access to professional service and support.

Disadvantage-based agreements may also have costs associated with them, but typically involve a set fee, which the mediator will pay to the parties prior to the mediation. This may allow for a quick and effective solution, particularly when used with advantage.

The term “workplace mediation” is often used interchangeably with the term “dispute resolution” and vice versa. This is quite natural because both concepts are closely related, but there are some differences between the two that should be discussed.

A dispute is defined as an altercation or disagreement over a certain issue, such as wages, contracts, etc. Sometimes an issue will involve several parties and more than one person may be involved. These kinds of disputes can occur at work itself, within the home, on a social networking site, etc.

When it comes to dispute resolution, fast action and resolution is the key. While it can be expensive and take up a lot of time, it will help save time and money in the long run.

Dispute resolutions, on the other hand, takes place on a two-way relationship between the parties. When a dispute is resolved in favour of one party, it is called a “win.” When a dispute is resolved in favour of the other party, it is termed a “loss.”

This is why business companies employ the services of mediators. They are both qualified and experienced in resolving disputes between the parties.

Employers and employees in the UK have both turned to Countrywide workplace mediation. It has its own unique set of considerations. Each party must first agree to the process. They also must be willing to accept the mediator’s advice and recommendations.

Employers are not always comfortable with employees getting involved in the dispute. They think this can cause problems when it comes to taking care of their business. It might lead to other employees trying to join in the dispute to gain employment. The conflict can quickly escalate.

On the other hand, employers are very conscious of their employee’s productivity. Many of them prefer to get it over with rather than waste resources and time trying to resolve the dispute in court.

Before going through workplace mediation, it is important for both parties to communicate with each other. That way they can agree on a common ground for the mediation. There should be a written agreement, if possible. Most times, the parties are only able to agree to the basic issues and nothing more.

Often mediation takes several weeks. During that time, both parties are given their own time to work out their differences. That way, they can reach a mutually acceptable solution.

This is a good alternative for both parties, because in many cases, it may cost a lot of money to go to court and get a settlement. Many employers actually prefer this option because it saves them money in the long run. As the business grows, it can easily become a problem in the long run.

Disputes between business partners can be very destructive to the day to day operation of a company.

Contractual issues, disputes over intellectual property and issues over boundaries and rights of way can lead to your profits and valuable time being compromised through legal disputes.

Such cases can also produce bad publicity in the press, and through your professional networks.

Rather than fight such cases out in a public forum, a Countrywide mediator can help you to discuss and resolve these problems, arriving at a solution that each party is happy with.

The business mediation market is a growing market and we are one of the leading business mediation services in and the UK.
Mediation services are a good thing because they allow people to reach a solution to conflicts without having to have a hearing. A mediator works with you, your company and the individuals involved in order to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

One of the most popular mediation services is the practice of business mediation.

Countrywide Business mediation services deal with disputes in various fields such as a contract dispute between companies, a legal dispute, a bankruptcy dispute, and much more.
It will be up to you to decide whether or not to use a mediation service, but if you do then make sure that the company you choose is one that has plenty of experience in the field and has passed all the necessary tests for business mediation services.


If you want to find out more about business mediation services, then feel free to check out some of the resources below.

A mediator service is a professional organization that can help to resolve differences or disputes between parties. In the mediation service, both parties are involved and have to discuss issues that arise in these situations.
The mediator will try to mediate the dispute in a manner that can help the parties to solve their conflicts and difficulties.
The mediator will play the role of a mediator for both parties and will be chosen by the party that would like mediation to happen. This service is helpful as it helps both parties to work out a solution that can be accepted and deemed satisfactory by both parties.
When you consult an accredited mediator, you can be sure that you are dealing with someone who has a high success rate. This service is recommended for people who are going through personal and commercial disputes.
A mediator service is highly qualified to take your case and to promote your points. The mediator services usually help people resolve problems and disagreements of personal as well as commercial dealings.
It is recommended to take the help of accredited mediators as the work involved will not be made very difficult and he will not have any conflicts of interest or of other disputes with the parties involved.
If you need the help of an accredited mediator, you should consult with someone who is an expert in mediation.
Once you consult an accredited mediator, he will be able to assist you in finding a good one in your area or the area where you live.
As you can see, a mediation service is a highly recommended tool in solving various problems and conflicts between the parties.
You should not hesitate to use the services of an accredited mediator as it will help you in settling your issues.

Wills inheritance and probate disputes mediation

Time and again, mediation has actually shown to be the perfect method of dealing with a conflict without diminishing the estate with the expense of lawsuits.

Mediation provides member of the family the possibility to hear and much better comprehend one another even if, where relationships are too fractured or psychological, they select not to fulfil on the day.

Regretfully at the time of a bereavement disagreements can emerge, problems can be even more made complex when someone passes away intestate (without making a will).

As the common characteristics of a household have actually altered. In time this typically permits others not straight connected to the household to bring claims likewise. At a time when households must be grieving and gathering they can be contesting who gets what.

Jeopardising the worth of the estate, which rather frequently has little if anything left in it. When the legal costs that have actually been acquired have actually been paid.

Probate mediation not just fixes inheritance, wills and probate conflicts rapidly. It likewise observes in complete confidence, and can likewise attend to household problems, and go someway to repairing previous fallouts
Mediation is, in lots of methods, effectively matched to controversial probate conflicts and especially Inheritance Act conflicts.

These are often disagreements with a great deal of celebrations, and mediation provides the possibility of a resolution within a much shorter timescale and for a decreased expense than lawsuits.

Advantages of mediation

  • Flexibility of services in mediation
  • To protect the estate possessions for the desired recipients
  • instead of investing large amounts of cash on lawsuits expenses
  • To protect relationships in between recipients
  • Confidentiality, personal privacy and informality within the mediation procedure
  • A rejection to moderate can cause the
  • Court making an unfavourable expenses order when the disagreement reaches lawsuits

Conventional controversial probate conflicts, for instance about whether a will was effectively carried out or over the building of a will, are most likely the least well matched to mediation since they are normally ‘all or absolutely nothing’ cases.

Even here though, where both celebrations have a lot to lose, it might well be helpful to reach a settlement instead of to deal with the danger of losing whatever. The unpredictability element is eliminated from the formula, and the rate of this (for instance quitting part of what you may have accomplished at trial) might well deserve paying.

Our expert mediators frequently handle:

First of all, mediation is much less official than court procedures and the conciliator will constantly aim to set a non-adversarial tone in the conferences. In fact, I’ve fulfilled other lawyers who’ve informed me stories of the conciliator demanding each side beginning the mediation sessions with a joke or handshakes all around in order to stress the distinction in between mediation and court treatment.

Additionally, in court, it is the lawyer or lawyer doing the talking, whereas mediation offers the bereaved celebrations the chance to speak with each other and reveal their own views with the assistance of their agent. This suggests that each side frequently feels more in control of completion settlement as they have actually played an active part in pertaining to that choice.

The bereaved talking on their own and needing to pertain to an arrangement in between themselves likewise typically suggests that all sides leave the procedure sensation pleased as everybody disappears with some part of the estate.

This differs from court procedures where the choice is gotten of the celebrations’ hands and into the hands of a judge, who might leave one or a variety of the celebrations in dispute with absolutely nothing at all.

If you can’t reach a contract through mediation, another ADR choice is arbitration.

This, once again, is a much better alternative for lots of than court procedures, as arbitrators once again attempt to preserve a less official and less adversarial environment. Nevertheless, the prospective disadvantages for the celebrations are that the arguments are produced them by the lawyers, it is the arbitrator who makes the decision and the arbitrator’s choice is lawfully binding.

While this might be useful for those who have the actual analysis of the law on their side, those whose arguments are reliant on the spirit of the law might not have such luck.
Individuals might select to satisfy on the day together, or to be in different spaces. Individuals are welcome to participate in with or without their attorneys.

We can consult with you at our Countrywide mediation  suites or take a trip to a location of your option, throughout England and Wales.

Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975

  1. accusations of unnecessary impact and scams in inter vivos and testamentary personalities
  2. accusations of void treatment or scams – claims concerning mental capacity
  3. contested powers of attorney
  4. irresponsible preparing of wills
  5. disagreements regarding the credibility of alternative wills or codicils
  6. Conflicts sustained by strong feelings can typically wind up reaching court.
  7. This sort of dispute can do severe damage to family relationships.

The expenses of a lawsuit really typically need to be paid from the estate, considerably lessening its worth.

How Mediation can assist
In disputes over wills, individuals are extremely frequently arguing over a matter of concept instead of a legal concern.

Mediation can supply a far better option than lawsuits:

– it supplies a neutral online forum for everybody to air their views
– the conciliator can’t enforce a choice on you – offering you the possibility to reach a shared arrangement
– mediation is much less hazardous to family relationships than courtroom conflict.
– mediation is an affordable option to expensive court procedures – leaving the estate undamaged
– the result depends on you – nobody can inform you what’s right or incorrect.

If you’re in disagreement over a will, mediation can assist you to discover an acceptable service without the tension or cost of litigating.

claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975
claims of unnecessary impact and scams in inter vivos and testamentary personalities
claims of void treatment or scams
accusations concerning mental capacity
contested powers of attorney
irresponsible preparing of wills
conflicts regarding the credibility of alternative wills or codicils.

In addition, our conciliators have actually helped people in settling the regards to their wills in partnership with member of the family, consequently reducing the danger of conflicts after death.