An impartial third party mediates negotiations between disputing parties by moving back and forth between them.

This method can be used in situations where domestic violence has occurred, when the couple cannot be in the same room, or when one (or both) clients feel intimidated by the other, making mediation Wigan unlikely to work.

Some mediators despise the practise. A good way to keep clients out of court and reach an agreement is to use it.

The majority of mediators agree that the most effective way to resolve conflicts is through face-to-face discussion. People who can’t or shouldn’t mediate together can often benefit from shuttle mediation Wigan as an alternative to going to court. You and the other party will be in the same room in family court.


Each of our clients has a specific time slot, and we keep track of their arrival and departure times. Each slot will be timed and the flip-chart will be carried between rooms by him/her.

Because you rely on the mediator to convey your ideas, hopes, and concerns, this type of mediation is distinct from other mediation Wigan techniques.

Problems involving parents, property, and money can be delegated.


Yes. No one other than the parties to the shuttle mediation can speak with the mediator on your behalf in shuttle mediation. Mediation cannot be conducted by lawyers or other legal professionals. In addition to that, you are allowed to bring a support person, but only if the mediator isn’t directly being addressed.

As part of the Collaborative mediation Wigan process, both parties have their own lawyer present at all times.

Shutter mediation has its drawbacks.

One of our mediators recently had a shuttle case where the client became enraged each time the mediator mentioned his wife’s financial views!

What should I do now that I’m worried about my safety because of how close you are to my face?’ However, this shows how shuttle mediation Wigan can be a “shoot the messenger” issue.

When using a mediator, there are some drawbacks, such as the possibility of misunderstandings due to translation. Unlike traditional face-to-face mediation, online mediation takes longer and costs more time and money.


Shuttle mediation takes two hours instead of the typical 90 minutes for face-to-face meetings. To better serve each client, the mediator can now move between rooms. In shuttle mediation, the process takes longer than in-person Wigan mediation. For parenting or financial mediation, it takes 2-3 joint shuttle sessions.

It is possible to conduct shuttle Wigan mediation online.

Yes. Zoom, the software we use for all of our online joint meetings, allows us to do this. You don’t have to see each other on the screen or communicate during the meeting if you’re in separate rooms.

When moving between virtual rooms, the mediator will follow the same procedure, ensuring that both parties have equal time. Shuttle mediation in the same building has been questioned by many mediators since the outbreak of Covid-19. A 90- or 120-minute online shuttle meeting is not out of the question.


Shuttle mediation may be agreed upon by the parties. If one party refuses to participate in word cloud shuttle mediation and the other party is only willing to participate in shuttle Wigan mediation, mediation cannot take place. Discuss shuttle mediation with your mediator during your MIAM appointment.

Your mediator will notify the other party and set up a shuttle mediation. Separate arrival and departure times will be set up by the business support team. If you are concerned about your personal safety, please talk to your MIAM or a member of the business support team. We have no control over what happens outside our offices.

Is Shuttle Mediation Necessary for Mediators?

Yes. As a mediator, if they believe shuttle mediation is the only way to get you to a positive outcome, they will recommend it. If you decline, the mediator must decide if face-to-face mediation is the best option for you and your spouse. For your benefit, we conduct regular case evaluations. Shuttle mediation can be used to help you resolve your conflict.


You and the mediator could set up a break-out room. This can be helpful if the mediation session gets too heated. In face-to-face Wigan mediation, the mediator is responsible for making sure that both parties are given an opportunity to express themselves. Bullying and racial epithets will not be tolerated.

Breaking away from the rest of the group or scheduling additional breaks can help. All of this will be included in the mediation plan devised by the mediator and the parties. Shuttle Wigan mediation meeting alternatives include: