What are Grandparents Rights in

What are the Grandparents’ Rights?

pnsionMany a time grandparents are concerned over what are their rights over their grandchildren. It is observed that grandparents are stopped from meeting their grandchildren and in such cases, expert family mediation is needed.

Although it is sad that grandparents do not have any direct right to meet their grandchildren but there are ways through which the grandchildren can appeal to the court and get permission to meet their grandchildren.

Except for cases of violence against children, the grandparents get permission to meet their grandchildren.

As per the law, only people with parental rights such as immediate parents, step-parents have the right to appeal to the court for custody or permissions to meet children and the rights of the grandparents are limited.

However, if they still are too eager to meet their grandchildren, below are the requirements:

  • Show their connection to the child.
  • Provide a valid reason for the application made.
  • They need to clear to the court that the application will in no case harm the children.

If you are successful at the first stage to apply you can contact the court and gain access to your grandchildren. If one or both the parents raise any objections then you need to attend the full hearing where both the parties are given rights to put forward the pieces of evidence.

This is the stage when you need perfect legal advice and the best family mediation.

You need to convince the court that you love your children and you want to meet them as and when needed and for this, you need to put forth evidence that is collected and compiled only by an expert.

The court after hearing the parties will reach a decision in the favour of the child whether the access should be given or not. For example, the court will decide whether your contact with the child will create any negative impact on his life and the rest of his relationships or not.

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