Surrogacy Mediation Gillingham creates a pregnancy “prenup”

The recent case of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West demonstrates that same-sex couples are not the only ones who might benefit from using a surrogate mother for their pregnancy. An growing number of couples are exploring the possibility of using a surrogate mother for their subsequent pregnancy.

After Kim Kardashian’s difficult experiences with her first two pregnancies, the celebrity power couple decided to have their third child, whom they later named Chicago, through the assistance of a surrogate mother. Their experience is a good example of how surrogacy Mediation Gillingham can help avoid problems from arising later on.

An agreement that was made at the beginning of the process has been very helpful in keeping some of the specifics secret, despite the fact that the media all over the world has an understandable curiosity in learning more about the lady who served as a surrogate to deliver the couple’s kid.

Why do you need to utilise a surrogate?

In a recent study, the business questioned 2,000 women questions concerning fertility and having children, and the findings were as follows:

  • More than one-third of women between the ages of 18 and 35 have experienced difficulty conceiving a child or have had a pregnancy end in miscarriage.
  • When it comes to having a child, just 24 percent of people believe that having “the perfect spouse” is the most crucial element.
  • A similar percentage of Millennial women (23 percent) report that they would think about being a surrogate.

Utilizing the services of a surrogate may help couples who are of the same sexual orientation conceive, can be an alternative for heterosexual couples, and can even be a lifestyle choice for people who are unable to take off work for the whole nine months of pregnancy.

What exactly is an agreement on surrogacy?

If you choose to employ a surrogate, it is very necessary to define the surrogate’s position in a legally enforceable agreement from the very beginning. Because of this, you will need a surrogacy agreement or a surrogacy contract in order to proceed with using a surrogate.

This is a formal agreement that defines in detail several parts of the surrogacy procedure, such as the following examples:

  • What are the expectations placed onto the surrogate?
  • What kind of compensation do they stand to receive?
  • What exactly will take place following the delivery?
  • In the event that something goes wrong, what are the backup plans?
  • Exist any further restrictions, such as non-disclosure of the information?

You may think of it as being comparable to a prenuptial agreement that is entered into before a marriage – in both situations, it is a method of defining a framework in advance for the connection that you will have throughout the process as well as after it has been completed.

How exactly may surrogacy Mediation Gillingham be of assistance?

Surrogacy mediators are not afraid to challenge the challenging parts of such an arrangement, such as needing the surrogate to compromise to zero access once the child is born. Although the topic of surrogacy is still considered taboo by many couples, even some of those who go through with surrogate pregnancies, surrogacy mediators do not shy away from the challenge.

Making these preparations in advance lowers the probability of encountering complications later on, which in turn increases the likelihood that both the pregnancy and the parenthood that follows will be favourable experiences overall.

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