Shuttle Mediation Among Couples

Shuttle Mediation Among Couples

Financial AgreementShuttle mediation is an arbitration method that uses two different venues for the process; each couple in each room being attended to by the mediator. Owing to the complex stature of such an exercise, the vigour attached to this process needs an open-minded mediator to oversee it.

The process does not dictate the outcome of the mediation, but it helps create a middle ground between the couples on which to base their agreement. This process can be approached in three ways; from the mediator’s, warring couples’ point of view, and the outcome.

The Mediator’s Point of View – we don’t have one – was impartial

The goal of any mediator is to find an amicable way to approach marital problems. Whereas marriage is supposed to be an equal union between two consenting individuals, using this model gives enough room for each couple to air out their dissatisfaction. Having a candid one-on-one discussion not only helps in shedding some light on the personal attributes of each couple but also exposes the weakness of the respondent and its contribution towards the prevailing problem.

This model helps affirm the mediator’s control over the proceedings. Being in control builds an uninterrupted flow of thoughts, creates a clear understanding of both parties, helps generate the conflict, and offers a realistic solution to the problem.

The Couple’s Point of View

Temperament may vary among couples. There are some instances where the husband is too temperamental compared to the wife, or vice versa. Moreover, other couples may be introverts. In such a situation, especially extroverts, using this dispute resolution model helps each party air their dissatisfaction on the other uninterruptedly. To the introverts, this approach encourages participation and brings the shortcomings into the light. This helps save time, open the mind of the couples, and share more light on the problem.

If violence is a possibility during the process, separating the couple into different rooms is the best way to go. This practice overcomes intimidation, violent reactions, and outdoes egoistic tendencies. Also, family matters are termed private. Shuttle mediation eases this notion hence setting the matters up for quicker resolution.

The Outcome

Dispute resolutions in couples either end up in reconciliation or divorce. Whichever the outcome, the conclusion of such discussions should have the approval of all the parties. In case of a reconciliatory outcome, this mediation process helps each party understand one another through their weaknesses and strength, and offers a middle ground on which they lay their foundation, in case such an instance happens again.

If the outcome is a divorce, the management of life thereafter is amicably handled. If there are children or joint investments like homes, this method accelerates the middle ground onto which agreements are made. The precision of this outcome is the most contested in family law, thus this model serves to reduce the probability.

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