Mediation Walsall keeps you in command.

With the help of our trained and impartial mediators, you can decide what to do with your children and finances. We’ll help you talk about the future and provide the resources you need to find lasting solutions.

Our mediators Walsall will help you find a solution that works for both of you and explain how to make your agreement legally binding. It’s less stressful, faster, and cheaper than going to court. Legal aid is available to those who qualify.

You can be confident that your skilled mediator will help you resolve difficult issues. While we may ask you to consider some of the same options a court would, we are not here to make those decisions for you.

Divorcing or separating couples can sit around a table and talk, not argue, in a safe, controlled and professional environment.

Mediation Walsall is very useful in civil cases, especially in family cases. In contrast to other areas of law, such as housing, mediation Walsall does not create an imbalance of power between the parties. It allows participants to make their own decisions based on what is best for them and their families.

Mediation Walsall is one of the more cost-effective and fastest ways of dealing with problems surrounding failed relationships. Mediation Walsall and non-judicial dispute resolution are always best used in conjunction with expert family law legal advice.

Families benefit from mediation Walsall because it is voluntary, and this element of self-determination is a strength. It is private, and confidential, and allows participants to think about how to resolve issues.

The mediator will help participants reach decisions by maintaining a calm atmosphere between them.

In fact, family court judges encourage people to resolve disputes outside of court and support the use of mediation to do so. A court must consider non-judicial dispute resolution at every stage of the proceedings, according to Part 3 of the Family Procedure Rules.

Mediators have been providing their services online, allowing for faster response times, less travel time, and lower travel costs. Mediators are now continuing to work with participants across the country, adapting their services to the pandemic’s challenges. Family Mediation Mediators Greenwitch

When compared to the inevitable court backlogs, it’s easy to see why non-court dispute resolution is appealing to many separating couples, especially since legal aid is available for family mediation Walsall.

According to a recent Family Solutions Group report, roughly one-third of the 280,000 children of separated parents may end up in family court, generating a huge number of cases.

Most family relationship breakdowns require mediation Walsall. Often, a divorcing couple wishes to resolve child custody, financial issues, and divorce proceedings. Mediation Walsall participants can sit together with the mediator or in separate rooms during meetings, allowing for creativity and flexibility.

If agreed, a qualified mediator can meet with children separated from their parents.

In complex or tense cases, two mediators can work together in co-mediation Walsall.

Customizing the mediation Walsall process is easy. For example, neutral financial advisors can help, as can family therapists or divorce coaches.

The mediator will provide reassurance if participants are worried about meeting with their former partners.

Clients have benefited from the convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness of online meetings. However, technology has been a steep learning curve!

The need to promote family mediation Walsall has never been greater.

Process of Mediation Walsall

What it is and how it works.

Mediation Walsall takes place over 2-3 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes.

During the sessions, you and your ex-partner will discuss all possible solutions to your issues. Mediation Walsall does not replace legal advice, and you should seek independent legal counsel to help you weigh your options.

Because mediation Walsall is a confidential process, you can feel free to discuss and explore all options, knowing that if it doesn’t work, the court won’t be able to hear about it.

A family mediation Walsall agreement is not legally binding but can be made so by a simple court application. Before finalising a family mediation agreement, you can always seek legal advice from our family mediation centre. Your consent order can be used to make the agreement legally binding. This is usually free.


Interested parties must first attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. This meeting allows one of our mediators to explain mediation Walsall in more detail and assess the dispute before deciding whether or not mediation Walsall is appropriate.

Attend an MIAM before filing a court application. To attend an MIAM, the mediator must sign court application forms.

Fill out our referral form to refer yourself or your solicitor.

MIAMs are usually attended separately. During this meeting, we will explain mediation Walsall and ask questions to determine if it is right for you. Mediation Walsall is voluntary and private. You are under no obligation to proceed.

If you, the other party, and the mediator agree, you will proceed to mediation Walsall. Our mediators are trained to manage conflict and create an environment that values everyone’s input. You may be upset, angry, or in financial difficulty; we can help you find additional resources.