Mediation Newcastle upon Tyne for Child Arrangements

Who gets custody of the children?

Custody does not exist in English law. Both in court and during mediation Newcastle upon Tyne, you as parents will be asked to discuss the arrangements you will make for your children, as it is their right to see both of you.

In mediation, we work with you as parents to determine child custody arrangements. The arrangements may include the amount of time your children spend with each of you, as well as arrangements for school vacations, international travel, birthdays, celebration days, and religious holidays. These conversations are not always easy to have, which is where mediation Newcastle upon Tyne can assist.

We’ll discuss what’s preventing you from making arrangements. Communication: the way you speak to each other or text each other can sabotage arrangements, and new partners can disrupt previously successful arrangements.

Parents frequently believe that obtaining a court order is the only way to resolve disagreements over what you want for their children. Mediation has repeatedly demonstrated that this is not the case. We can assist and support you in navigating those difficult conversations while keeping the focus on your children’s well-being.

Striking a balance between parenting and mediation Newcastle upon Tyne

Numerous married couples face the additional complication of considering children during divorce mediation, and couples in same-sex civil partnerships may also have children to consider. The precise nature of both parents’ relationships with the child – including their legal status as guardians or adoptive parents – can have an effect on the outcome of family mediation Newcastle upon Tyne. However, in any separation involving children, their welfare should be prioritised, and mediation Newcastle sessions should be scheduled in such a way that the child is not subjected to undue stress. We understand the complexities of separating from children (including adopted and stepchildren) and juggling the mediation Newcastle upon Tyne process with your parental responsibilities.

We can assist you throughout the process.

Understandably, your primary concern following a relationship breakdown is the stability and well-being of your children. When parents are unable to agree on childcare arrangements, a Child Arrangements Order may be sought – in which the court determines where a child will live or with whom a child may spend time and for how long. You are better equipped to achieve a favourable outcome with our expert legal advice and guidance. Best Solicitors will act with zeal on your behalf once instructed.

Fitting mediation Newcastle upon Tyne into the schedule of childcare

Considering childcare from the start can help divorce and dissolution mediation Newcastle upon Tyne go much more smoothly. Your mediator will assist you in ensuring that this is the case. For instance, mediation sessions can be scheduled during your child’s school day or while they are left with a relative – or even after they have gone to bed.

Remote mediation Newcastle is an excellent way to accomplish this, as it does not require you to leave your home in order to participate in a remote divorce mediation Newcastle upon Tyne session via telephone or webcam.

We saw the use of remote mediation rocket during the initial Coronavirus lockdown period, but it remains an excellent option if you have significant time constraints, such as parental responsibilities.

Maintaining children’s interest

If the child will not be participating in the mediation Newcastle upon Tyne session, it is best if they are occupied elsewhere for the duration of the session to avoid interruptions or distractions.

Older children may be permitted to spend the time watching television, playing video games, or reading a book in their bedroom or living room, with the understanding that their activity will not disrupt your mediation Newcastle session.

Younger children could be cared for by a nearby relative, such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle if there are no social distancing restrictions; alternatively, if there is no alternative, it may be possible to wait until they are asleep.

Involve children in the mediation Newcastle upon Tyne process

We believe that if the mediation Newcastle process will have an effect on children – for example, if it will determine their future residential arrangements following a divorce – it makes sense to include them in the discussions.

Obviously, they do not have to attend every session, but allowing your divorce mediator to speak with your children may help uncover any anxieties they may have and shed light on their preferred living arrangements.

In many cases, children are unable to express this directly to their parents for fear of upsetting them – in which case, please remember that you can request that your family mediator speaks with them instead.

Even if the child has no strong feelings about what will happen next, it is beneficial for them to feel heard and included in the process, as well as to be reassured that divorce does not have to mean the end of family life, but can mean the beginning of a happier one. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

How can we assist you?

If you and your ex-partner are having difficulty finalising your financial, asset, and child custody arrangements, we can assist you. The dissolution of a relationship is not easy, and our mediators are here to guide you through the process and assist you in reaching an agreement that is acceptable to both you and your ex-partner.

Our family mediation Newcastle process will assist you both in communicating more effectively, not only for your own benefit but also for the benefit of your children, if applicable. We have a thorough process in place that enables you to feel confident that you made the correct choice when entering into an agreement. We can confidently state from our many years of experience that mediation Newcastle upon Tyne works.