Mediation for couples who live far apart don’t travel

Mediation for couples who live far apart don’t travel

Mediation for couples who live far apart don’t travel

Long-distance mediation: Mediation for couples who live far apart don’t travel

If you are separating or divorcing, mediation can the solution you are looking for. Instead of going to the court, paying high fees for lawyers, and forcing your busy agenda to meet the court’s schedule, you can have an affordable and much less stressful process of separating, with the help of a mediator.

Normally, the mediator will ask for the presence of both parties in every meeting, but if you and your ex-partner live in different locations, the mediation can still be successful.

Sometimes things happen. After leaving the house, you or your ex may move to another state or even to another country. The distance imposes a challenge for meeting on a regular basis since you or your ex:

  • maybe too busy to travel
  • maybe unable to afford trips on a regular basis
  • want to avoid a face to face encounter

In this case, long-distance mediation is a good choice.

How long-distance mediation is done

Mediation for couples who live far apart don’t travel is generally done by video conferencing, using Skype or other web-based technology.

One of the parties is physically present and the other one is present through a Skype video conference. The agreements about different issues, like parenting plans, finances, and housing can be sent via email to both parties, as the mediation makes progress.

This way, the decisions made are registered and shared so that nobody misses important details.

The mediator will adjust the conversation and point a peaceful direction in order to help both parties to find a solution that everybody agrees with.

Long-distance mediation can be as effective as traditional face-to-face mediation since the video will allow the mediator to evaluate aspects like body language and voice tone and the decisions can always be sent through email.

Advantages of a long-distance mediation

Mediation for couples who live far apart don t travel has two main advantages.

The first one is that you can set your own schedule. Different than going to court, where you are subject to the court schedule, with the mediation you can find a suitable time to discuss the separation or divorce without sacrificing your agenda.

You don’t need to skip work or miss important appointments. Long-distance mediation is a very flexible process.

The second advantage is that long-distance mediation is a less traumatic encounter since you will not physically meet your ex-partner. You may be hurt and feeling weak, and on top of that, you will have to discuss legal matters with someone you don’t even want to remember. So a video conference can be less distressful and help you solve all the issues involved in separation or divorce.

So if a long-distance mediation suit you best, you can count on one of our experienced mediators, from the Countrywide Mediation UK.

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