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In my last essay, I discussed various behaviours that can drive a wedge between you and the mediator while also being counterproductive for your client. To summarise them, they were:

  • Surprises
  • Hectoring one’s adversaries
  • Forcing one’s will upon the customer.
  • Failing to negotiate
  • Having a lack of foresight.

Other Mediation Barnsley mediators came in contact to express how much these concerns rang with them and to add a few more “pet dislikes,” such as parties failing to think through the implications of taxation on payment proposals or not having a strategy as to how to fund an offer. These are just two examples.

All of these things have a tendency to kill momentum and put a damper on development.

Today I wanted to take a look at the flip side of the coin, the side that is more optimistic, and highlight three different ways in which consultants might lend their help to the process.

Be inquisitive

The best counsellors have a natural curiosity regarding the opposing side’s position. Instead of making definitive statements, they pose questions to the audience. They provide an explanation of what information they want from their adversaries in order to construct their line of reasoning. They are aware that this does not signify that they agree with the other side’s viewpoint, but rather that they recognise the need of gaining an understanding of the reasons why that case is distinct from their own. Belittling the opponent is not nearly as effective as using this strategy to identify gaps in their argument as you will find in the other side’s case.

Additionally, it can assist in the process of discreetly seeing vulnerabilities in your own client’s position, which brings me to my second argument.

Realistic preparation

On the day of the event, we commonly witness advisors encountering difficulties in their attempts to control the sky-high confidence and expectations of their customers. Your ability to prepare your client for a realistic variety of possible results before the Mediation Barnsley will help you minimise simmering conflict between you on the day of the Mediation Barnsley and allow you more leeway while negotiating.

Therefore, mediators advise that in order to properly prepare, you should first acknowledge the challenges presented by your case to both yourself and your client, and then formulate a strategy for how you intend to overcome those challenges rather than waiting until you are forced into a corner to do so.

Get your mediator involved.

The ability to see the parties’ conversations in private should be at the top of every mediator’s wish list. It is of great assistance since it provides the mediator with a high degree of information of what is and is not going to be doable throughout the Mediation Barnsley process. This confidential information is not divulged to the opposing party, but it can assist the mediator have fruitful conversations with the other party in the other room. Productive discussions are ones that could lead to a proposal that is congruent with your client’s line of thought.

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