Life After Mediation

Life after Mediation 

One of the primary steps of a couple to resolve their dispute is to undergo family mediation. Mediation, as it is common right now, gives both parties multiple benefits. They have the privilege to control the decision making, the mediators are neutral, and the confidentiality of the problem matter.

Through mediation, this will help anyone to find a solution in any disagreements they are facing like having divorce matters, houses, financial agreements, child visitation, and many more. Any disagreements can be fixed by talking together and good cooperation from both parties. The mediator can help resolve the issue much faster than taking it to court and are much cheaper too.

After a series of meetings, there are only two types of result in taking a mediation, one it is successful and the second is not.

If both parties don’t reach for an arrangement, there are instances that the first session is not successful, but there’s a chance that it will not proceed to go on trial. Both parties or the other party reach for the other to settle the dispute before it goes to legal court. Click here to read a life story about someone’s life after mediation.

If both parties are trying to reach for an arrangement, during and after the mediation process, both sides will be given a chance to:

  • clear things like any concerns with their combined suggestions before signing the finished agreement.
  • Because there’s is no free today, even mediation has a fee associated, but normally both parties will split the fees equally and pay for it. Sometimes only the other party will pay for it, but it will always depend on their agreement. Also, there are cases that the court is the one who will pay for the mediation fee.
  • A statement will be released; both parties settled for an agreement, and they will sign the agreement to end it.
  • Even the concern did not take to the court. The mediator will also send a report to the judge that it has been successful.
  • A dismissal will be released if they already settled for an agreement, and the payment is complete. Signed by the judge, a dismissal order will be released to both parties so they will no longer return to the court. Find out more about how mediation works!

After the series of papers and payment to be settled in an agreement, a dismissal order will be released when all of it is clear. You can now continue to live or start a new journey of your life with no more unfinished business from the past. People who went to mediation have a better life after the process. One of the reasons is both parties have agreed in one decision in settling the issue. Their case finished early and easy because both sides cooperate well in the entire process.

To make this case effective and successful in a mediation, you should get a lawyer who has experience or familiar with the negotiation and mediation process. In helping you resolve in any case you are facing, Countrywide mediation is here for you.

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