How to locate a child custody mediator – Mediation Torquay

Family mediators such as Country Wide Mediation Torquay are available to assist parents going through a divorce, the termination of a civil partnership, or any other type of separation in which the location of a child’s primary home is likely to be at issue.

There are a few distinct words that are used to refer to the living arrangements of children after a divorce, including the following:

The word custody is still often used in everyday speech.

The word “residency” is the one that should be used while having official discussions.

There are other things like “contact orders,” “residence orders,” and “child arrangements orders” that you might hear about. There are several various kinds of court orders that might influence a parent’s access to his or her children, including the ability to have the children remain with them overnight or travel with them to another location.

The legal arrangement that determines which parent is entitled to care for their children for what amounts to a predetermined period of time is called child custody. This restricts access at other times, such as when the children are with the other parent, because by definition it does so.

It is perfectly reasonable that this might be a painful and emotional experience for parents who spend a lot of time with their children; nevertheless, divorce mediators are very adept at finding constructive ways to go forward with the process.

When it comes to issues of child custody, when is it necessary to use a mediator?

If you are getting a divorce with children, it is imperative that you think about custody and residency arrangements right away. As part of the process of filing for divorce, you will also be expected to attend a Mediation Torquay Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and give serious consideration to participating in a Mediation Torquay session.

This presents the ideal chance for you to take the initiative to make arrangements that are amicable for both you and the other parent on where your children will reside and how much time they will spend with each of you.

By doing so, specific ground rules may be established to safeguard the children – and both parents – in a variety of circumstances, including the following:

  • The children typically live with one of their parents and only see the other occasionally.
  • The children “live” with both of their parents and split their time between both of their respective residences.
  • One of the parents has made the decision to relocate out of the area and is hoping to take the children with them.

This final point is only one illustration of how things might change, which is why it is necessary to define what will happen in the case of a future conflict or the need to amend your agreements. This particular issue is just one example.

How the country-wide Mediation Torquay process can be of assistance

We are compassionate family mediators with a lengthy history and an established track record as divorce mediators. Our track record speaks for itself.

If you have recently filed for divorce and are required to schedule an MIAM, please make the most of this opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding the custody of your children and the living conditions they will have going forward.

You may already be divorced or separated and be seeking for a family mediator to assist you in resolving a new issue that has emerged over the children; if this is the case, we can provide guidance on this matter as well.

When you need a highly personal plan for the future rather than one that is handed out by the law, Mediation Torquay is the ideal answer for this sort of conflict since it allows both parties to maintain their autonomy.

The family mediators at Country Wide Mediation Torquay know exactly how to identify the obstacles and move around, over, or directly through them to put in place the custody arrangements you require for a happy, healthy future life despite your divorce, with the bare minimum of stress or fuss. This is because the family mediators at Country Wide Mediation Torquay have years of experience in the field.

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