How shuttle Mediation Torquay encourages parties to mediate

We are aware that going through the process of getting a divorce may be an extremely trying experience for all parties involved, particularly those who would rather not be divorced but have chosen to respect their spouse’s decision and comply with it.

However, once the reality of the process itself strikes and the thought of separating becomes more than just a hypothetical possibility, there may be a reluctance to participate in the Mediation Torquay sessions, and this can occur even in circumstances where there are no contested issues.

It is considerably more typical for one party to decline to attend Mediation Torquay when the divorce is contentious or when the couple has a contentious breakup.

Once it is determined that Mediation Torquay is the best way forward, we offer a process that we call “shuttle mediation.” This means that the parties do not need to be in the same room as one another during the mediation process. This can be helpful in situations where you are not on speaking terms with one another, or in the light of issues like domestic abuse, where you might not want to be face-to-face with your spouse.

What exactly is involved in shuttle Mediation Torquay?

To put it another way, the mediator functions as a “shuttle” or messenger between the two parties that are divorcing, passing messages back and forth between them.

During the physical Mediation Torquay sessions, you could be sitting in different rooms that are next to one another. However, we are increasingly able to provide remote mediation as well as video and webcam mediation sessions, meaning that the parties involved do not even need to be in the same physical location.

We can even arrange distant shuttle Mediation Torquay when you’re in separate rooms of your family home if you find this to be an easier way to proceed. This is possible depending on the equipment you have available (for example, if you have a second webcam), so please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

What are the benefits of shuttle mediation?

The utilisation of shuttle Mediation Torquay as a means of achieving progress may be an exceptionally efficient strategy in a broad variety of settings, including the following examples:

  • It is difficult for both sides to communicate without resorting to argument.
  • One of the parties is embarrassed by their behaviour that contributed to the divorce.
  • One of the parties has a reason to be legitimately afraid of the other.

Sometimes one party just does not want to terminate the marriage, and despite the fact that they may state that they are willing to collaborate, it is not always simple to transfer that willingness into actually attending the Mediation Torquay session.

At Country Wide Mediation Torquay, we have seen all kinds of different situations and reasons for not attending mediation. Because of this, we are able to talk to both parties – either separately, together, or both – in an effort to determine the barriers that are preventing positive progress from being made.

Shuttle Mediation Torquay allows for a more dignified divorce process.

Shuttle Mediation Torquay is a helpful instrument that enables the “Divorce with Dignity” ideal, which we have a strong commitment to upholding, even in the face of challenging discussions and contentious divorce proceedings.

By utilising shuttle Mediation Torquay, we are able to circumvent the unwillingness of either party to participate in the Mediation Torquay process. Through the use of innovative approaches such as video mediation, we are able to get over the reluctance of both parties to meet face to face. Simply by being in the same room together, we may alleviate tension, concern, and even, in some situations, dread.

When direct communication between the parties involved in the divorce breaks down, shuttle mediation is an essential tool for keeping the divorce process going forward. In the end, this will raise your chances of arriving at a somewhat amicable divorce arrangement more quickly, at a lower cost to legal proceedings, and with less stress for all parties involved.

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