How Effective Is Shuttle Mediation Islington

When two parties in a dispute are separated, a mediator “shuttles” between them to try to help them reach an agreement during shuttle mediation.

In cases where one or both of the parties has been subjected to domestic abuse, or when the couple is unable to be in the same room because they are afraid of each other’s reactions, a teleconference may be an option.

Shuttle mediation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Others think it’s a great way to keep clients out of court and help them come to an agreement when mediation Islington wouldn’t otherwise take place. It’s an excellent tool.

At the end of our first two-hour shuttle mediation session, we felt like our bodies had been through a workout! The best way to resolve conflicts is to talk them out face to face, which is what most mediators do. For those who are unable or unwilling to mediate in the same room, a shuttle mediation Islington may be an excellent alternative to going to court. In addition, if you go to family court, you will be seated right next to the person with whom you are arguing.


For the sake of fairness and the separation of arrival and departure times, we set aside 15-minute slots for each client. Each 15-minute slot is timed by the mediator, who frequently moves the flipchart between rooms.

Mediation by phone differs from face-to-face sessions in that you rely solely on the mediator to relay your thoughts and feelings about the situation to the other party. Parents, property, and financial issues can all benefit from shuttle mediation.


Yes. Shuttle mediation Islington allows you to bring a support person to the mediation, but they are not permitted to negotiate directly with the mediator on your behalf. The mediator cannot be a lawyer or family law attorney because this could lead to an imbalance in the mediation process. However, you can bring a third party in support if they aren’t talking directly to the mediator about anything.

The term “collaborative mediation” refers to a type of mediation in which both parties agree to have a lawyer present during the mediation process.

Is Shuttle Mediation a good or bad choice for you?

While mediating one of our recent shuttle cases, a mediator became increasingly concerned that the client was going to attack him for discussing his wife’s financial views with him!

“When you confront me close to my face like that, it raises my fear for my safety,” he calmed him down. When should I end this session so that you can go outside for a bit?’ Shuttle mediation Islington can have a “shoot the messenger” problem, but this calmed the client down immediately.

As a result, the disadvantages are that you must explain your point of view through the mediator, and this can be lost in translation. As a result, it is more expensive and takes longer than traditional face-to-face mediation.


While most face-to-face meetings last 90 minutes, shuttle mediation usually takes two hours. This is to give the mediator time to move between the rooms and meet with each client one-on-one. Shuttle mediation takes longer than face-to-face mediation Islington because of this. Most clients will require at least three joint shuttle sessions for either parenting or finance mediation.

Is there a price to pay?

We charge £120 per person per hour for shuttle mediation, which is the same as for all of our other mediation services. A fixed fee of £30 per person is required to rent the additional room needed for shuttle mediation.


Yes. Zoom, the software we use for our online joint meetings, allows shuttle mediation. If you use Zoom, you don’t have to see each other or communicate with each other during the meeting.

Using the same process, the mediator will switch back and forth between the virtual rooms for 15 minutes at a time. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, many mediators are wondering if shuttle mediation is still necessary for the same building, given that people are more comfortable and used to holding meetings online. 90- and 120-minute online shuttle meetings are both feasible.


A shuttle mediation can take place if both parties agree to it. It can’t happen if one party doesn’t want to do mediation, word cloud shuttle mediation Islington and the other party only wants to do shuttle mediation. MIAM appointments are a good time to discuss shuttle mediation with your mediator.

Let your mediator know if you’d like to use shuttle mediation, and they’ll tell the other party. The mediator will see to it that you arrive and depart at separate times, thanks to the help of the company’s support staff. If you have concerns about your personal safety, you should discuss this with your MIAM or the business support team, and it may be decided that mediation is not the right form of dispute resolution for your situation.


Yes. They will offer shuttle mediation as an option if they believe it is the only way to help you reach a successful outcome. You and the mediator will have to decide if the best course of action is face-to-face mediation. We monitor your case on a regular basis to make sure we’re doing everything we can to help you come to a decision. To help you resolve your dispute, shuttle mediation may be an option.

In addition to mediation, what other options are available?

Talk to the mediator about setting up a break-out room. Taking a short break from face-to-face mediation can be useful when things get too heated. Face-to-face mediation Islington ensures that both of your voices are heard and that there is no bias in the room. Bullying and name-calling will also not be tolerated.

In some cases, taking a break in a separate room or scheduling additional breaks can be beneficial. These can all be discussed with your mediator during your first meeting and will be incorporated into the mediation plan they devise with you. Shuttle mediation Islington meetings can be held in any of these ways.


Absolutely. 90% of our clients who proceed to joint mediation in Islington are successful, and this includes clients who use shuttle mediation as a steppingstone. With the shuttle, we’ve had a lot of success stories over the years.

They had not spoken to each other in four years. They began with shuttle mediation for the first few sessions, then decided to finish mediation Islington in the same room together because things were going so well. For the first time in five years, the child, who had not seen their mother at that time, began to reintegrate into their lives.

An extremely difficult case, as the mother had a severe alcohol dependency, but one that was successful thanks to the mother’s sobriety, as well as the father’s forgiveness of the past and the mediator’s efforts.