Everything You Need To Know About Mediation Archway

Do I require a mediator to obtain a divorce?

If you and your ex-partner have determined that your marriage/relationship has come to an end with no prospect of reconciliation, you may choose to work with a mediator to maintain control of the outcome and avoid court proceedings and litigation.

Mediation Archway is a significantly less expensive and time-consuming alternative for divorcing and separating couples, and it facilitates better communication and understanding between the parties.

A mediator Archway will assist and assist you and your ex-partner in making informed decisions about all or some of the issues that have arisen as a result of your breakup by providing critical legal and other information and pragmatic guidance on the issues that need to be resolved in light of the applicable law.

Other professionals may occasionally be brought in as a third-party neutral to assist with the process and decision-making. For instance, if there are substantial pension investments that need to be sorted out and agreed upon, a report on pension sharing and divorce would need to be considered.

If you want a divorce that is kind, compassionate, and dignified, you should work with a mediator. Mediators Archway are trained and skilled in managing conflict, creating an environment conducive to productive and constructive dialogue, and resolving power imbalances.

Mediation Archway enables you to maintain perspective and will assist you and your ex-partner in remaining civil and polite to one another. This is especially critical if you have children, as you will be able to share space with them during significant events such as milestone birthdays, game sessions, academic visits, graduation ceremonies, engagements and family gatherings.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of you, your children, and future generations; to show that divorce does not have to be so toxic, bitter, and twisted, but can be kind, compassionate, and dignified if you choose to work together for the greater good of all.

What is the distinction between mediation Archway and counselling/therapy/psychotherapy?

There is a widespread misconception that a mediator is similar to a counsellor or therapist and will assist couples in conflict in reconciling and reuniting.

Mediators Archway are not counsellors or therapists; we possess skills that are comparable but are not trained or qualified to assist parties seeking reconciliation and requiring exploration of historical problems and deep-seated historical issues.

If this service is required, mediators will refer the parties to appropriate counsellors and therapists.

Mediators Archway enable couples in conflict to maintain a forward-looking perspective, to put aside issues that do not benefit them or their families and keep them stuck in the past, and, most importantly, to make their own informed decisions about all or some of the issues arising out of their separation and/or divorce.

The parties will agree on and set the agenda for mediation Archway sessions, which will typically cover and explore legal issues relating to their dependent child/arrangements, rens such as whether a primary caregiver is required or whether shared care is the best option for the child/ren. How much time will they spend with each of their parents? Arrangements for holidays and special occasions, etc.

They may also wish to consider and agree on financial rights and responsibilities regarding maintenance, what should happen to the family home, and the division of other investments and assets, including pension sharing, in the event of divorce.

In family mediation Archway, the parties may also discuss and explore soft issues such as ‘boundary setting’ and communication difficulties in order to arrive at mutually acceptable agreements and understandings on these critical issues, which are frequently more important to them than the legal issues.

If you recognise that the relationship/marriage has come to an end, you may wish to consult a mediator. And you desire an amicable divorce/separation in which you retain control over the outcome and do not cede decision-making authority to a Judge.

Please contact us if you are ready to get started. We will then contact your ex-partner (unless you request that we do not) to encourage them to participate in the process by emphasising the benefits of family mediation Archway, which include a more compassionate divorce, lower costs, greater control over the outcome, and a quicker resolution compared to court-based proceedings.