Country Wide Mediation Dorchester helps Dorchester lawyers

We at Country Wide Mediation Dorchester are very proud of the close working relationship we have with a large number of Dorchester solicitors. These Dorchester solicitors refer their clients to us so that we can provide them with an independent overview in accordance with the modern-day rules that mandate Mediation Dorchester be considered first in family law cases.

Solicitors send a good message that the industry is working in a joined-up way to deliver the best resolution to difficult and emotionally taxing matters when they recommend their clients to the mediators in our Dorchester mediators’ office. This office is located in Dorchester.

Mediators are not meant to take the place of attorneys; rather, our job is to assist clients in overcoming some of the obstacles that are preventing progress in a variety of cases that involve complex needs. We do this by clarifying the legal position through negotiation rather than by asking the courts to get involved.

This saves the attorneys with whom we work the considerable additional time and effort that goes into acting as an unofficial counsellor to clients in difficult family law cases. This service is typically provided free of charge and can eat into the time that is available to work on other significant cases.

After that, we will send clients back to the original firm for the real legal work, which will enable the original firm’s attorneys to bring cases to a close more quickly, with less time lost, and to charge for the work done sooner.

We are aware of the requirements that solicitors have.

Both Marcia and Michael are seasoned attorneys, and Michael has been a managing partner at Country Wide Mediation Dorchester for the past 25 years. This is one of the main reasons why Country Wide Mediation Dorchester has such an excellent understanding of solicitors.

Because of this, we are aware of the requirements that must be met by solicitors in order to successfully handle cases while minimising the amount of time spent on non-chargeable components of the case.

We have also offered workplace Mediation Dorchester services to attorneys, which has assisted in the resolution of workplace conflicts, enhanced morale and productivity, and eventually led to an increase in the amount of money earned in fees.

We are here to assist in any way possible, whether it be to simply comply with the requirement that Mediation Dorchester should be considered as a first option in family law cases, to make progress on a case that has become bogged down in squabbling or has become extremely emotionally charged, or to provide an independent ear on a workplace dispute between solicitors.

Do not be hesitant to get in touch with us if you would want to begin cooperating with Country Wide Mediation Dorchester on the recommendation of clients. We will be pleased to guide you through the arrangements, and we will have everything up and running as fast as possible, so that there will be no delay in making your first recommendations.

Give us a call 03300 101 382, and let’s have a conversation about the benefits of Mediation Dorchester for you.