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Private School Fees Disputes Parents

Private School Fees

When parents divorce, it affects not only the two people involved in the marriage but also their children. It is important to keep the children’s life as close as possible to their normal routine, but this may not be easy to maintain. Children may feel that everything is different at home and they might consider school to be a refuge where nothing has changed.

Both parents will usually want to maintain the status quo and ensure that the children continue to attend their existing school. If the children are enrolled in a private school however, this may be challenging. Sometimes only one of the parents is working.

When they budget for the added expense of a new home, legal fees and in some cases a new family being able to continue to meet the expenditure for school fees becomes difficult. At a time when emotions are already raw, tensions may be increased if they try to discuss this.

While many parents find that the desired option is for the children to remain in their existing school others may find that they must move to another area because of work commitments. An ex-spouse who was quite willing to pay their share of the school fees when they had regular access to their children may be more reluctant when they are at a distance.

If one of the divorced parents has a second family they could find that their new partner objects to their household income being greatly reduced. Where there is more than one child whose fees require to be paid this can of course exacerbate the situation.

Someone could find themselves in the unenviable position of paying fees for two older children, perhaps in their exam years, while unable to pay for nursery provision for their second family. This situation could inevitably lead to feelings of inequality between the two families.

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Disagreements regarding these and similar situations can leave children feeling that they are to blame. It appears that it is their education which is causing the arguments and so it can feel that it is all about them.

Emotionally vulnerable children do not perform to their full potential at school and poor performance can be used as another argument against paying the school fees. A vicious circle of blame and counter blame can ensue.

Family mediation can be a welcome intervention. An independent, impartial go-between who has the trust of both sides can take the heat out of any situation. An experienced mediator who successfully resolved similar situations in the past can help divorced parents to find the best solution for their particular set of circumstances.

While sometimes seeking legal advice can feel like giving control of your family’s life to another person, family mediation keeps the family at the heart of all decisions. The pace and scope of the discussions are kept within the family. Both parties can feel free to take control of their settlement but with the assistance of a proven and reliable mediation service.