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When separating or divorcing, pensions are a big discussion point. Countywide Family Mediation can help you work out a resolution without going to Solicitors or Court. Call us today.

Pension and Mediation


Any pension earned during marriage is generally assumed to be a joint asset between a husband and a wife. Culturally, all the splitting of the pensions have been left to the courts to do it and also decide whether survivor benefits are legally payable. Areas we cover click here.

With this being a general assumption that the pension is mutually earned and therefore jointly owned, there is some element of unfairness in the judgement. Mediation UK can solve this unfair treatment. This is because the qualified and expert mediator will come in independently to search a solution to help the disputing parties.

It is to be noted that the major difference between a Countrywide mediation and a solicitor in pension splitting is that solicitors makes decisions based on general assumptions while Countrywide Mediation makes decisions based on mutually agreed terms from both disputing parties.

Legal disputes are a common feature in the court of laws. This disputes include land disputes, divorces, or legal action against employers. Even before turning to the a solicitor, the disputing parties mostly try to talk to the third parties at the beginning only to realize that this method is not going to work.

This methods of approaching disputes are usually filled with many shortcomings. First and foremost, they involve huge costs which always keep on escalating as the case continues. It is common to find a small case spending thousands of pounds over a certain period.

Secondly, the legal way can be time consuming. With the current complex and complicated nature of the laid down laws, legal cases take a long time to get solved. This is because a solicitor will need to examine all the laws that relate to the plaintiffs case. This can be stressful and the only solution to it is to try an approach known as mediation. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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What is Family Mediation?

Mediation  involves three parties, that is, the two disputing parties and an expert usually called a mediator. The mediator will meet and come into contact with both disputing parties so as to make sure that each of the parties agrees to the process of mediation and fully understands what it involves.

Meetings will then be held in an attempt to resolve the dispute. The mediator’s main duty is to help the disputing parties to come to a common solution. This mutually agreed solution will then be written down as a record of future reference.

Disagreements are in all marriages. What differs is the depth of the dispute. This disputes can arise from care of the children, use of land, an elderly relative or better still divorce or separation.

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Importance of mediation includes time-saving, cost-effectiveness and formation of mutually agreed solutions. Mediation saves time for the two parties as it involves no legal proceedings.

Finally, it results in the making of mutually agreed solutions hence satisfying both the parties.

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