The Vital Role of Children in Mediation in Tonbridge

When parents separate, it is often a confusing and stressful time for children. They can feel caught in the middle of their parents’ conflict and unsure of their future. That is why children’s voices are crucial in mediation. In this guide, we will discuss why children’s involvement in mediation is essential and how Countrywide Mediation in Tonbridge can help facilitate a positive and constructive dialogue between parents and their children during the mediation process.

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Why is it important to involve children in mediation?

Children are directly affected by their parents’ separation and any decisions that are made during mediation. Involving children in the process shows that their views and feelings matter and that they have a voice in what decisions will be made about their future. Mediation with children can help to create a child-centred solution that provides reassurance and stability for children during a time of uncertainty.

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How does child inclusive mediation work?

Child-Inclusive mediation is a process in which a qualified mediator works with parents and children to facilitate communication and address any concerns or fears that children may have. During the mediation process the child can see a mediator who has been trained to work with children and young people. These child mediators help facilitate a conversation enabling the child to be heard and listened to. The child mediator helps parents to better understand how their child is feeling and provide guidance on how to support them after the divorce or separation.

What are the benefits of child inclusive mediation?

At what age can a child participate in mediation?

There is no specific age criteria, beyond a child needing to possess a minimal level of understanding of what mediation involves. Child mediators are trained to work with children who have different emotional and cognitive needs.

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When can children take part in mediation?

Children can take part in mediation at any time. Child-inclusive mediation is appropriate for children of any age as long as it is safe and in the best interests of the child. Parents in mediation need to be able to put their child’s needs before their own and prioritize the decisions that affect the child’s life.


Child Inclusive Mediation allows children to feel valued, heard and included during mediation and allows parents to create more child-centered decision-making within the process. At Countrywide Mediation in Tonbridge, our team is committed to providing high-quality mediation services that prioritize children’s needs and well-being. Our child mediator is well-qualified and will maintain a neutral position throughout the process while keeping the child’s best interest at heart. If you are going through a separation or divorce and want to prioritize your children’s well-being, contact us to learn more about our Child Inclusive Mediation Service.