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Comprehensive Mediation Services Offered by Countrywide Mediation Rochdale

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Family Mediation for All Family Types

Countrywide Mediation Services offer family mediation for all family types to assist with the resolution of disputes between family members. Their experienced mediators can provide impartial and non-judgemental mediation services to help facilitate conversations and create solutions that all parties can agree on. Some of the family mediation services they provide include: • Child related disputes • Financial disputes • Separation and divorce • Parenting agreements

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Workplace and Community Mediation

Countrywide Mediation Services also provide workplace and community mediation services to help resolve disputes between colleagues, employers, and employees. Their experienced mediators can help to facilitate conversations between parties in order to find a resolution that is fair and equitable for everyone involved. Workplace and community mediation services provided by Countrywide Mediation Services include: • Workplace disputes • Community conflicts • Housing issues • Neighbourhood disputes


Commercial Mediation

As well as providing family, workplace and community mediation services, Countrywide Mediation Services are also experienced in commercial mediation. Commercial mediation involves resolving disputes between commercial parties such as businesses, landlords, and tenants. Commercial mediation services offered by Countrywide Mediation Services include: • Contractual disputes • Landlord and tenant disputes • Business disputes • Employment disputes

How to Access Services of Countrywide Mediation Rochdale

At Countrywide Mediation Services in Rochdale, we understand that everyone’s situation is unique and our experienced team is here to help. We provide free initial consultations to determine if mediation is right for your situation, and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

To get started, our experienced mediators will contact both parties to arrange a mediation session. During the session, all participants will have the opportunity to explain their point of view and discuss the issues in a confidential and impartial environment. We will then work with both parties to come up with a resolution that is satisfactory to everyone involved.

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Countrywide Mediation Services in Rochdale has been providing high-quality mediation services for over 25 years. Their experienced team of qualified and experienced mediators offer a wide range of services that can provide an effective and fair resolution to conflict. From family and workplace mediation to community and commercial mediation, Countrywide Mediation Services have something to offer everyone.