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Mediation Services in Bangor with Countrywide Mediation

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Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services Family conflicts can be emotionally challenging, and finding resolutions that prioritize the well-being of all family members is crucial. Countrywide Mediation offers specialized family mediation services in Bangor, including: Co-parenting mediation and Divorce Mediation

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Workplace Mediation Services

Conflict within the workplace can hinder productivity and damage morale. Countrywide Mediation offers workplace mediation services in Bangor to address various issues, including: Employee Disputes and Organizational Conflicts


Commercial Mediation Services

Businesses often encounter conflicts that can hinder growth and profitability. Countrywide Mediation provides commercial mediation services tailored to the unique needs of businesses in Bangor, including: Contract Disputes, Partnership Disagreements and Intellectual Property Disputes

Issues Resolved by Countrywide Mediation

Countrywide Mediation offers services to help resolve any kind of dispute, regardless of the issue. This includes family disputes, such as those related to custody arrangements or disputes between family members; business disputes, such as those related to contracts, service agreements, or other issues; and even civil disputes, such as those related to personal injury or property damage. Our experienced mediators are trained and qualified to help resolve any kind of dispute.

Reason to Choose Countrywide Mediation Bangor


Countrywide Mediation in Bangor is the perfect choice for those looking for professional mediation services. Our experienced mediators are dedicated to helping parties reach a resolution that is fair and equitable for all involved. We provide cost-effective solutions and flexible payment options to ensure that all parties can access our services. With our experienced mediators, you can be sure that you will get the best possible outcome for your dispute.