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Mediation for children

Mediation for children – Why is it so important?

Whether it’s emotionally or logistically, divorce is never simple or easy. Add to this the consequences of divorce on children, and everything becomes much more challenging. Many times, the hardest part of going through a divorce is that of making your children understand why you’re going through this process.

This is why it is advisable to opt for Countrywide family mediation to make the process of divorce easier for both you, as well as your children. At Countrywide mediation , we have highly professional and efficient mediators who are qualified to deal with a variety of clients and have a special emphasis on children.

Whenever you are going through a divorce, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your children are not left emotionally scarred or disturbed. It is important for your children to feel stable and secure during and after the divorce proceedings are over. The first thing that needs to be paid attention to is the way you break the news to them.

Once you’re certain of your decision and know for sure that there is no way of fixing and resolving things anymore, the first thing to do is to break the news to your kids. Although this is always going to be a difficult talk to have, you can always make it easier by keeping in mind a few things. For starters, having both the parents be a part of the conversation is always a plus. Also you should make it a point that any feelings of anger, guilt or blame are left out of the conversation.

The age of your child should also be kept in mind before having the talk. Your child needs to know that whatever happening is not his/her fault and that under no circumstances should he/she blame himself/herself. Secondly, you need to handle your child’s reaction appropriately. Assuring your child that you recognize and care about their feelings is vital. You need to keep reminding your child that you both love him/her and should allow them to express and communicate their feelings.

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You should always encourage honesty. Kids need to know that whatever they are feeling, they are allowed to express it accordingly.

Also any ill feelings you might have towards your ex should never be discussed with your child. It’s important for children to have the support of both of their parents and even more important for them to have long and lasting relations with both of you.

Painting a negative picture of your ex is only going to make things harder and much more difficult for your child. Finally, no matter what the situation may be, you can NEVER fight in front of your children. Fighting in front of your children or being antagonistic towards each other in front of them is going to leave a long lasting negative impact on your child. See the costs here

At Countrywide mediation, we guarantee to help you and your children during and after the process of divorce by keeping all of this in an account and by providing mediation services.