family mediation

Here we look at a scenario of how family mediation  can help couples work out their issues without the need to go to court or pay Solicitors.-

Family Mediation Scenario

Family Mediation is the most common and efficient way of resolving issues among couples. Sitting down working things out can save you a great deal of trouble that you may go through. Misunderstandings are a common thing in both families and the society as a whole.

However, finding an appropriate means and company to help you solve problems usually saves a lot. That’s why our company has opted to help you mediate things with your partner and come up with a solution to a problem.

One such scenario was the misunderstanding between Sam and Tony. Contact us today so we can help you too.

The Problem

The couple split two years ago, and Sam had concerns around their child visiting Tony’s home which he shared with three other Men. They could not discuss things between themselves, so eventually, communications broke down, and Sam stopped Tony from seeing his Son.

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How it was resolved.

Family Mediation allows both parties to express their feelings. This enabled the couple to channel their emotions positively rather than ending up in a fight. This brought a sense of trust between the two couples. The Family Mediation process enabled the pair to resolve their differences.

The couple also decided to raise the son together. The couple was also able to discuss a range of solutions towards the problem they were facing. This allowed Sam and Tony to come up with a permanent solution that is effective to both parties.

The solution was not only effective but also flexible to both parties. The solution was effective since we deployed our neutral personnel to help with the process.

Advantages of Mediation

Mediation process might take the least time and also the longest time possible. The time usually depends on the cooperation of the individuals partaking the activity. Listening and being disciplined throughout the session is necessary to come up with a permanent solution.

All you will need is to register for a Mediation session with us. You are required to register with us so that we can organize a session that is flexible with your schedule. You should make  yourself available for all the Mediation sessions. For successful mediation, the two parties are expected to be present during the whole process.

One can pull out of a session though it is not advisable. This will distract the whole process it also prevents the establishment of a solution. The most important thing for mediation to be successful is the corporation from both individuals no matter how bad things are between them.
Yes, this is because Mediation is a means of solving problem and disputes. Getting the appropriate organization to help you with your mediation is paramount. We can help you resolve your conflicts within days or weeks. This will save you a lot of hustle and bustle that you have to go through to sort your problems.