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Sorting our child access arrangements is what we offer at Countrywide mediation for couples. Sometimes communication is difficult for many parents after relationships breakdown so mediation can be the best way to make arrangements and create a joint plan.

Child Access and Visitation

Benefits of mediation over child issues for split couples

Separating isn’t easy, not by any standards.

The process, the heartache and the confusion are all part of separating, but what happens when children are involved?

Taking the steps towards separating can be a final step for many, but it can also be the right step in ensuring that a child or children have the best possible outcomes in life.

When choosing this path a family mediator  can be a great choice for gaining help and advice when it comes down to choosing how to decide on the best course of action to take when agreeing on child arrangements.

Countrywide Mediators are very different from counsellors, they are unable to take sides during a separation and their work is based solely on the best interest of the child/children. Choosing to take the path of mediation is a choice that can be made before taking the path of a court battle, it is more cost-effective and highly more satisfying, as both parties are able to openly discuss their thoughts and tactics in a more friendly and calming environment.

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All Countrywide mediators are impartial, they are the middle ground between two separating parents, they are to help advise and guide parents on what course of action to take for their child/children.

Mediators cover areas such as helping parents decide on the full-time residence of a child/children, how finances should be dealt with and how many contacts the non-resident parent should have.

Mediation sessions are normally held between one to six meetings, find out more about our fees here each one dedicated to discussing the best course of action to take, based on both parties best interests. At no point does a mediator push for one point over the other, and it is up to the individual parents to successfully decide on how to provide their child/children with the best care. 

Legal aid mediation is available for certain clients.

It is vitally important that when deciding to receive help from a mediator that all honest and legitimate information about finances is provided – this is so correct financial support can be provided for the child/children on a regular basis. Any information provided during the mediation sessions is kept confidential, aside from financial information, or information that could potentially harm or endanger those involved.

It is important that both parents have the best interest of their child/children in mind and during mediation session nothing else matters but the welfare of those who are too young to have a voice.

A child needs a home no matter the circumstances, and it is important that no matter the outcome, a suitable and reliable one is provided for all those involved.

Mediation is an ideal course to take when attempting to put yourself and your partners past behind you so that your child/children can thrive. See more information regarding Evening and Weekend meetings.

Reaching an understanding with the parents regards child access

The first thing the parents can do, and one that is the most desirable option, is to reach an understanding with each other. Not only will this ensure that an amicable relationship is maintained with the children, but it will also make things hassle free for everyone.

Contacting a solicitor

If for some unfortunate reason you are not able to build any contact with the parents, or if an agreement cannot be reached, then a family law solicitor should be contacted. This is because a law solicitor will be able to provide you with useful advice and appropriate options which would be okay with both you and the parents.

Family mediation

Finally, whenever possible you should always opt for family mediation. Whenever talks fail, mediation becomes extremely useful in helping reach an understanding. Basically, in mediation what happens is that a mediator or a moderator, who is neutral, meets with the parents and grandparents separately at first in order to evaluate whether or not mediation is going to help this case.

If the case is fit for mediation, then everyone is made to attend a joint session. The main purpose of mediation is to help the parties reach an understanding that is suitable for everyone.

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