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If you are separating or divorcing and have a selection of cars or motorbikes which need to be agreed the asset split and you cannot agree then Countrywide Family mediation is perfect call us today.

Cars And Mediating A Settlement

Mediation: The Solution When Splitting Shared Assets

A civil mediator will not tell you definitively what to do or force you to take action, but they will be invaluable in providing an expert, independent viewpoint. They will be able to assess the value of your car or motorbike and then provide a settlement document.

This page will provide the optimum plan for dividing up the money gained from selling the vehicle, or (if you both prefer) for allowing one partner to keep the vehicle and the other to keep other assets or cash of equivalent value.

A good settlement document will take into account all of your other assets at the same time, as this is the best way to ensure that vehicles with shared ownership are considered fairly.

The majority of households share ownership of the vehicles used by that household. Couples who own cars or motorbikes may thus find themselves wondering what to do with these assets when they divorce.

Rather than attempting to navigate the intricacies of agreeing on a value for this item and splitting the equity by yourselves, it helps to have an independent mediator perform this task for you.

How a mediator can help you to come to agreements regarding assets

Simplify The Settlement Process By Hiring A Mediator Today

Reaching a settlement that you both agree on can be a complex and stressful process. Why go through any more stress, or waste any more time, than you need to? Hire a mediator today and you will reach that settlement in no time.

Both partners can be emotionally invested in their shared assets, and on occasions like this, the perspective of an independent third party can be invaluable in terms of assessing which course of action is best for both of you.

A mediator is an expert at providing this sort of advice in a way that, ultimately, works to the best advantage of both partners. So do not delay: get in touch with us today and let us help you to apportion your assets (including vehicles) in the fairest possible way.